We’re Not Your Average OTA!

What Makes New Zealand Sorted Different?

  • We are based in New Zealand and are owned and operated by Kiwis.  New Zealand Sorted is home-grown in New Zealand.  We live and breathe all-things Kiwi.  By supporting us, you are supporting local.  Likewise, it allows us to to do the same.
  • We’ve got customer service & technical support on standby.  We are real Kiwis and are here to help. Our contact details are listed and we are responsive and available. 
  • We genuinely understand the industry.  Our leadership team comes from a tourism background.  We have experienced the challenges of dealing with OTAs and marketing tourism products, and appreciate the unique benefits that come from working in this sector.  We understand, will listen and do our best to find a solution for any issue.
  • We offer fair commission rates.  We ask for a very reasonable commission from our suppliers.  We know the crazy rates other OTAs ask for can put a real strain on businesses and make it hard to offer competitive prices and deals. Because we ask for a low commission we also ask for some great deals to offer our clients. That’s win-win!
  • We guarantee payment security. We hold all tour payments in a separate account to the account for our business and marketing expenses. We do not use any payments for development (unlike most OTAs) and do not take commission until our providers have been paid. Our approach ensures that no matter what happens in the market, our operators never have to question whether they will be paid for tours that they have delivered.
  • We only work with the best in the business. We carefully consider the operators that we are willing to represent and only choose those that are align with our high expectations. This places you in great company, attracting fantastic guests.
  • We’ve build New Zealand Sorted ourselves. That means it’s easy to us to amend information on our site quickly. If we do decide to work together, making quick changes to your product is never a problem.
  • We pull information from Rezdy where possible. If you’re already listed on this fantastic platform, it saves you having to provide additional information to us. It also allows our clients to book your tours and activities seeing real-time availability, with these bookings then being passed right through to you. Being listed on Rezdy also allows you to connect with other OTAs should you so choose (though we’re so choice, you might not want to!)

If you’re interested in being featured on New Zealand Sorted, please get in touch with us.

Let’s get the ball rolling!