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Welcome to the Southern Lakes – Prepare for Adventure!


Queenstown is the adventure capital of what is widely considered the most adventurous country in the world.

There really is nowhere better to test your limits and to get a great dose of adrenaline than down south in Queenstown.

Framed by the towering mountains of the Southern Alps, this town is more like something out of Europe than your typical spot in New Zealand.

With countless amazing restaurants, cafes and retail shops all perched right on the lake, the town itself is a great place to explore on foot.

Likewise, you’ll find a number of stunning spots in and around Queenstown.  Whether you choose to join a tour or self-guide in your rental, don’t leave town without soaking up plenty of the region’s striking scenery.

When you’re ready for something a bit more exciting, you’ll find your options in Queenstown are endless!

Snow sports, skydiving, bungy jumping, parasailing, paragliding, luging – if you can think of an adventure sport, you can be guaranteed to find it in the Southern Lakes region.

So, whether you’re looking to relax on the TSS Earnslaw or want to throw yourself out of a perfectly good plane, Queenstown really is a part of Aotearoa that you just have to see! 

In addition to Queenstown, you’ll find a range of fantastic little towns all within an easy drive.  Whilst there, we strongly suggest you also head over to Glenorchy and Arrowtown.


Not far from Queenstown, you’ll find Wanaka.  Like a slightly quieter but just-as-charming cousin, Wanaka is a favourite amongst holidaying Kiwis.

Sitting right on Lake Wānaka (the fourth-largest lake in New Zealand) and tucked in between mountain ranges, this town is every bit as stunning and worthwhile as its more famous neighbour.


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