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The Most Magical Mineral Hot Springs in New Zealand

Discover the best naturally-fed hot springs in New Zealand. From untouched natural streams to beautifully constructed resort-style facilities, each of these springs have one thing in common – incredible, naturally-hot mineral water. 13 is unlucky for some, but not you – in order of north to south, these are 13 of the very best hot […]

The Best Hot Pools in Rotorua – Dive On In!

Join us as we share the very best hot pools in Rotorua. In a region blessed by geothermal activity, a visit to one of these world-class pools is an absolute must-do. A soak in a hot pool is the perfect way to relax. Whether you’re seeking to ease aching muscles, destress after a busy week […]

9 Epic South Island Hot Pools: Warm Up This Winter

Discover the most memorable and gorgeous South Island hot pools and hot springs with this unmissable list. Don’t travel down South without locking in your favourites! The South Island is full of incredible scenery and opportunities for adventure. What though can you do when looking to unwind? The answer to that is easy! The South […]