The Ultimate Queenstown Bungy Guide: 3, 2, 1 – Jump!

However you spell it, New Zealand is the commercial home to bungy jumping.

We firmly believe that every Kiwi and adventurous traveller to New Zealand should experience a bungy jump at least once.

Where though are you best to jump?

It is possible to bungy jump in many parts of Aotearoa including Auckland, Taupo, Rotorua and Hanmer Springs.

With that said, Queenstown undoubtedly holds the crown when it comes to bungy jumping in New Zealand! Not only is it home to the largest jump in the Southern hemisphere but it’s also the location of the first ever commercial jump site.

Though you really can’t go wrong bungy jumping anywhere in New Zealand, if there’s only one place you’re planning to jump, Queenstown really is the #1 spot.

Join us as we compare the different Southern Lake jump sites…

A Complete Guide to Queenstown’s Bungy Jumping Sites

Kawarau Bridge

The Kawarau Suspension Bridge was the first commercial bungy site anywhere in the world.

A fan favourite, there’s something special about jumping from the first commercial jump site (which just so happens to be in the adventure capital of the most adventurous country in the world!)

It’s the smallest jump in Queenstown (checking in at 43m high) but is arguably the most scenic.

What We Love about Kawarau Bridge – Queenstown’s First Bungy Site

  • Kawarau Bridge is the most accessible of all the Queenstown bungy sites. The jump site is located just outside of Queenstown (on the road to Wanaka), making it an easy drive. They have plenty of parking onsite and also provide shuttle transport (known as the ‘bungy bus’).
  • It’s the easiest jump site to be a spectator. The Kawarau Bridge (known affectionally as K Bridge) has a well-positioned viewing platform that gives spectators an incredible spot from which to take in the action. You can also get up-close and personal on the bridge itself, watching jumpers take the leap right beside you.
  • If you jump, you’ll get massive bragging rights – how many people can say they jumped the first ever bungy site?
  • This jump site is spectacular! With the Kawarau River at your feat and the ever-changing foliage around you, this really is one of the most beautiful places in the whole country to bungy jump (rivalled only by Taupo.)
  • As the smallest bungy jump in Queenstown, this is a great place to do your first jump. Chances are you’ll be nervous regardless of which jump site you choose, but taking on a lesser-height can help ease those nerves.

The Ledge – Perched High Above Queenstown

Clinging precariously to the edge of a mountain, there is no doubt that the Ledge Bungy offers up the best views in Queenstown!

You’ll find the Ledge Bungy at the top of the gondola ride, along with the Luge and a popular restaurant. With so much to do up there, it’s worth planning a full morning or afternoon to really make the most of your time up there.

At 47m high, this jump is only 4m higher than Kawarau Bridge but it feels significantly higher still thanks to the platforms mountain-top position. Having jumped all three Queenstown jumps, I can assure you, that the Ledge feels much, much higher than its supposed jump height!

Pro tip: If timing allows, we suggest trying to book your jump for later in the day. That way you’ll be able to catch an incredible sunset from the Skyline viewing platform.

Why You Should Consider Jumping the Ledge

  • The Ledge provides the most stunning views out over Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu. There really is nothing else like it!
  • There’s plenty to do at the top of the Skyline gondola so you’ll be able to fill an entire afternoon up there.
  • It’s conveniently located right in town. You can wander over to the gondola from anywhere in Queenstown’s centre and easily catch the gondola up the mountain (or you can hike if you’d prefer). This is a real bonus if you’re without a rental car (and don’t want to make use of the bungy bus).
  • Jump freestyle! As a Ledge jumper, you’ll be given the choice between a traditional ankle tie or a tummy-mounted body harness. If you opt for the latter, you’ll be able to throw yourself off the platform however you choose – run, jump, flip – the choice is yours! This is the only bungy jump in Queenstown that allows you to jump in this manner.
  • The Ledge is spectator-friendly. Should you want your friends and whānau to join you, they’ll just need to purchase tickets to ride the gondola. Once up the top, they’ll be able to watch your jump from the comfort of their very own viewing platform.

Nevis – The Largest Bungy Jump in the Southern Hemisphere!

The Nevis bungy jump is serious business – about as serious as it gets!

The largest jump in, not only New Zealand, but the Southern Hemisphere, the Nevis is the best option for travellers looking to really push their limits.

Does that sound like you?

If so, we suggest booking your trip out to Nevis as soon as you start planning your Queenstown trip. That way you’ll be guaranteed 134m of pure free-falling bliss!

Reasons to Jump the Nevis

  • Insane bragging rights. As the largest bungy jump in the Southern Hemisphere (and in turn, New Zealand), taking on this Goliath is a big deal!
  • You’ll experience the biggest adrenaline rush. If you’re wanting a great big dose of adventure, there really isn’t anything else like Nevis!
  • You’ll get to sit in ‘that’ chair. Anyone that has jumped the Nevis will know exactly what we’re talking about! The chair that you sit in whilst getting strapped up is an experience in and of itself.
  • You’ll jump from a cable car, which is a unique experience in itself.
  • Transport is provided. To get out there you’ll need to jump onboard the AJ Hackett 4WD bungy bus; self-driving isn’t actually an option in this case. This means that you can sit back and relax (until it’s time to jump, anyway).

With K Bridge, the Ledge and the Nevis all offering such different (but positive) experiences, your final decision will be a personal one.

Regardless of which bungy jump you choose in Queentown though, there is no doubt that this is the place to jump!

Be warned though – once you’ve taken the leap once, you may well find yourself addicted.

I know I am!

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